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One of a kind


Integrity, Reliability, Professionalism

Attention Future Orders

We are stopping any future orders or request. As you know Ian Walker is still in the Military and will be busy with a few schools, because of this existing orders will be completed but we cannot take any more orders until May

Where it all began

Walker Salty Paddle Company focuses on decorative paddles that honor the traditions and customs of the Marine Reconnaissance community. Our Paddles are designed and handmade by Ian Walker, who is a former Recon Marine.  

The founder and owner, Ian Walker, grew up in Redding California, where he developed a love for hunting, fishing, and primitive skills. He enlisted as a Recon Marine in 2010. Ian chose to become a Recon Marine to challenge himself and to be a part of the brotherhood. Ian joined First Recon Battalion in 2011, deployed to Afganistan in 2012, and the 15th MEU in 2015. 

He began his journey of woodworking when he was younger working on the family farm. He furthered his skills by making knives, arrowheads,  primitive bows, and arrows. Ian decided to make his first paddle for a member of his team when he couldn’t find a paddle significant enough to represent his team member's time at First Recon Battalion. From there his business developed and he began producing more personalized paddles to fully honor Recon Marines.


The motivation for building custom paddles for fellow Reconnaissance Marines is to help honor the past and present Recon Marines. It is important for continuing the tradition for future Recon Marines. Ian is providing a representation of men’s blood, sweat, and tears as he serves within the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. Walker Salty Paddle Company makes high-quality paddles at reasonable prices which best represents an individual’s time in service. 


Founded in 2015 Walkers Salty Paddle Company has grown from just Paddles to custom woodworking projects to CNC machine work. Walkers Salty Paddle Company is veteran owned and operated, bringing integrity and pride to the products produced.

"By far the best custom paddles, the skill, love, and pride is unmatched."

Ryan Michael

"5 out 5 stars. Shaw and Tenney Paddles and Oars look like broken twigs compared to the professional product that Walker Salty Paddle Co puts out. Another huge benefit is the paddles Ian makes are of much better quality. Everything is hand made and custom. No two paddles are the same. You literally get whatever you order and pay for enhancement as you choose them... I'll never buy another Paddle or Oar from another location."

Raymondo Jamesbondo

"Beautiful paddles with a lot of heart and soul put into them. Truly a master of his craft."

Jarrod Dlugos

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